UK industry is China’s partner of choice

The UK is home to the second largest aerospace industry globally, with world-leading capability ranging deep and wide across its 3000 aerospace companies; from propulsion systems, and structures, to airline interiors and through -life servicing (MRO).


Aerospace companies across the UK


The sector has an annual turnover of £35 billion, the majority of which comes from exports to the rest of the world.


Aerospace sector has approximately a 17% global market share


UK propulsion capability is synonymous with world-leading engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce. Through the UK's strong propulsion supply chain, buyers have access to companies capable of increasing performance while delivering outstanding reliability in engine technology.


The UK is a world leader in aerostructure design. The majority of the wings on Airbus commercial aircraft are designed and built there.This position is maintained through constant innovation in design, manufacturing processes and composite technology to meet the relentless demand for aircraft.

Systems and landing gear

The UK is home to over 1000 aerospace systems companies delivering complete system requirements across the aircraft. UK industry has capbility in avionics, control systems and cabin systems from air conditioning to in-flight entertainment.

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