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About UK-China Business Connect

There has never been a better time to build your business profile in China. The challenge to traditional modes of doing business represented by Covid-19 has had a transformative impact on how Chinese and UK companies engage with the global marketplace. A historical emphasis on ‘real-world’ connections, face-to-face meetings and a guarded approach to international partnership has given way to an invigorated, fast-moving digital business culture.

The UK’s Department for Business Trade (DBT) has launched UK-China Business Connect to enhance the UK's digital business presence in China. This platform enables UK companies of any size to raise their in-country profile, promote their products and services to potential partners, engage in seamless B2B matchmaking, and offer an alternative route to the world’s top growth market.

Registration will also facilitate access to more than 100 on- and offline activities delivered by DBT in both the UK and China throughout the year, from webinars and panels to trade shows and matchmaking events, giving members privileged access to the latest information, insight and resources.

Who is UK-China Business Connect for?

UK-China Business Connect is the ideal tool for any UK business seeking to explore opportunities, build a brand or match directly with a partner in China. Your business profile will:

  • Allow potential Chinese partners to find and engage directly with your business
  •  Showcase your company’s offer to qualified potential Chinese partners
  • Attract the right kind of business enquiries, allowing you to manage your engagement effectively


Exporters of both products and services with an interest in growing their presence in China can launch in-country promotions and marketing activities.

Services and management

The platform showcases companies with speciality ranging from agriculture, food and drinks, retail and consumer goods, creative industries, the sports economy, automobile and advanced manufacturing, technology, life sciences and healthcare, financial and professional services, energy and infrastructure, education, and related areas of expertise targeting both the UK and China markets.


Companies seeking investment opportunities in China, or in search of Chinese investment, can boost market visibility and explore opportunities via B2B matching functions.

What can I do through UK-China Business Connect?

Boost market visibility – Showcase your offer via your profile, visible only to qualifying registered Chinese businesses, who can engage with you directly online.

Schedule meetings - with potential Chinese partners which can be held via your app of choice - UK-China Business Connect is fully integrated with all major virtual meetings platforms and scheduling apps.

Access and participation in online activities – gain privileged access to our annual programm of events and activities, allowing virtual participation in webinars, panels and online B2B matching activities, allowing you to explore potential collaborations and tap into exclusive market insights from anywhere in the world.

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