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The UK has a globally unique health and life sciences ecosystem. Our track record of scientific breakthroughs is driving the next generation of life-changing treatments, technologies and services. We offer a national research and evidence gathering platform with unique data and clinical insights in our National Health Service (NHS).

Medical Device

The UK’s medical device market ranks 6th globally and 3rd in Europe, behind Germany and France. Wound care, orthopaedics, IVD, and medical imaging are areas with key advantages, with many world’s leading medical device manufacturing companies established headquarters or regional offices in the UK.


The UK has a world-class medical education and training system for doctors, nurses and general healcare professionals , with four of the world's top ten universities in clinical service, pre-clinical and heahcare field, Oxford University ranking first in the workd and UK is leading the way.


With strong research capabilities and an unique healthcare ecosystem, the UK is one of the most productive repreentatives in life science industry. UK biomedical industry has 2150 companies, annual revenue reach to £50 billion, known as jewal of the crown of the UK economy.

£74 billion

UK has more medical products in development than any other country in Europe, generating an annual turnover of £74 billion and exports of £30 billion.


The UK healthcare life sciences has more than 5800 active life science companies employing over 248,000 people.


One in four of the top 100 companies in the 2018 Global Digital Health 100 are under UK ownership.

Long tradition in life sciences innovation

Invented the 1st MRI, 1st CT, 1st DNA sequencing in the world.

World largest integrated Health system – a perfect test bed for innovation

Our National Health Service (NHS) covers more than 65 million patients from cradle-to-grave, and treats a million patients every 36 hours.


A globally unique health and life sciences ecosystem

Long-standing partnerships between industry, government, academia, charities and the NHS.

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Life sciences and Healthcare Opportunities

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The UK is a prime location to research, develop and evaluate MedTech products and services in the National Health Service (NHS), one of the world’s best healthcare systems. The UK is a test bed for your global market development supported by well-established, pragmatic regulatory and guidance agencies.


UK primary as recommended by the world Health Organisations actis as an accessible health service closed to home as well as a feeder of more serious cases to hospital. NHS offers decades of experience that is secound to none in Primary care home" modes, providing personalised care for 30-50,000 people.


The UK offers expertise in brining together funding, strategy, regulation, traning, innvation and delivery to create the very best interaged healthcare system.

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