Sector Overview

The UK is a world-leading maritime centre, built upon our strong maritime heritage.

As an island nation, the UK has a competitive advantage in maritime engineer and services and a strang reputation in areas such as marine equipment and systems, maritime services, marine science and other specialist techinical areas. We are a market leader in the design, manufacture and refit of commercial, naval and leisure vessels. There is also expertise in superyachts, high-end powerboats and sailing yachts.

Maritime Engineering

The UK has a strong reputaion in maritime engineering such as marine euiqpment and system,green technology,autonomous vessels.

Maritime Services

London is the world leading martitime services hub. Martitime services include accounting, consulting, finance, insurace, law and shipbroking.

Maritime Education

Whether seafarer competency onboard ship, training maritime executives ashore, or even further and higher education, the UK has long been a world class destination for the provision of training and education.


GVA added by the UK maritime sector


jobs supported by the UK martime sector


of maritime products exported

Green Maritime and Digitalisation

The UK is well placed to provide solutions to help ship owners and operators meet new Interanional Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and reduce greehouse gas emissions.

British Marine Online programme(BMO)

DIT provides a range of digital services such as British Marine Online programme(BMO). DIT initiated the BMO program last year to bring UK marine companies into a Chinese digital marine platform called Boat Plus

Green Technology

China marine industry is seeking new technologies in green and digitalisation to lift up the marine manufacturing capabilities. We are alredy promoting UK solutions for energy saving, emissions reduction with the longer-term objective of moving to zero emssion systems.

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