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Safe Airport

British companies are at the forefront of ensuring safety and security within the aviation sector – from supporting the development of standards to supply of equipment and training.

The UK offer addresses all parts of the aviation system – including airspace, airfield, terminal and landside planning, development and operation management to ground operations. It covers:

  • Regulatory development, review and training
  • Safety and security management system development, review and training
  • Airspace design, training and systems
  • Infrastructure planning and design for safety
  • Facility design for safety and wellbeing – including disease control
  • Security strategy, design, systems and equipment
  • Operational safety equipment – from runway surveillance to wildlife management

Green Airport

We understand that challenges of the 21st century mean that continued growth depends upon developing a clear path to achieving a sustainable aviation future. By 2050, the industry must be able to tackle the challenge of achieving net zero operations as well as contributing to a broad suite of sustainable development goals. UK supply chain companies are able to support the aviation industry, using their considerable expertise in fields such as sustainable design, climate change adaptation, community engagement and environmental planning to deliver first class projects and provide operational advice to achieve those ends. We believe that growth and sustainability are not mutually exclusive and that achieving environmental and social progress will in turn deliver the economic sustainability that everyone in the industry wants and needs.
UK companies are at the forefront of sustainability practice, providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today through the products and services they provide covering capabilities in Net Zero Carbon, Health & Well-being, Waste Management, Water, Climate Change Preparation, Technology & Innovation, Environmental Planning, Design & Consent and Social & Community.
Use of nature-based solutions for example Sustainable Drainage Systems including as those used in the Sponge City concept.

Smart Airport

Airports in the future will need to deliver net zero operations and support innovative transport modes in addition to existing fixed wing and rotary operations. The UK supply chain, from consultants to product and solution providers, are leading on innovations such as advanced electric and autonomous flight technologies [known as urban air mobility or UAM] to help the UK reach its net zero target. Through the UK Future Flight Challenge, UK companies are involved in the development of innovative concepts, trials, and delivery projects formed from multiple collaborative parties that address diverse issues for airport owners, operators, airspace managers and the broader industry. Examples include:

  • Using drones to support the NHS and emergency services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Investing in the future of air mobility and technologies that will allow full electric flight in the UK

 Airports will continue to invest in innovative technologies that support operational efficiency and deliver a low/zero carbon footprint. UK companies are actively investing in, and developing strategies, designs and solutions that enable airports to reduce operating costs, improve asset performance and decarbonize operations. We are developing advanced energy management systems, asset performance digital services.

Passenger-oriented Airport

British companies have been responsible for the design of the many of the most successful airports in the world. Their efforts over the last twenty years have frequently featured in the Skytrax Airport of the Year awards and they continued to be renowned for world class airport design.

Creating a successful passenger environment requires a wide range of skills and innovation which British companies can provide. These include engineering and architecture, airport planning, human factors, wayfinding, interior design, product design, retail design, landscape design, passenger equipment, technology and process automation. This holistic approach to thinking about the journey through the airport allows the creation of truly passenger-oriented experience.


World's Top 60 international airports

British companies have supported the development and operations at the world’s top 60 international airports – including Heathrow, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul New Airport, Singapore Changi and New York’s JFK airport.

Over 17 Chinese airports

UK supply chain companies have a long and successful history of working with over 17 airports across China – including Beijing Capital, Beijing Daxing, Kunming, Chongqing, and many others.

Business Aviation Centre

London is the busiest aviation centre in the world with five airports in operation namely Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City.

Top 10 busiest airport in the world

Heathrow is one of the Top Ten busiest airports in the world and the world most efficient airport with two runways.

The 2nd businest airport in the UK

Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport and also the most efficient and busy single runway airport.

UK airport capabilities and expertise represent the full spectrum of aviation expertise and can be applied across the whole project life-cycle, from strategic advice and design, construction and equipment supply to the operation of the complete facility.

Strategic Advice

  • Business strategy
  • Forecasting
  • Master planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Planning advice
  • Acquisition advice
  • Capacity assessment
  • Legal advice
  • Contracts/ PPP 
  • Financial strategy
  • Commercial strategy
  • Procurement strategy

Growth in air traffic volumes, demand for increased airspace capacity and the privatisation of air traffic control centres are creating huge challenges. By bringing together innovative information technology and commercialisation expertise, UK companies are able to offer overseas airports opportunities to create the best possible air navigation services.


– Airport planning
– Architectural design
– Interior design
– Retail planning and design
– Civil engineering
– Building Engineering
– Cost management
– Baggage and Cargo systems
– Airspace design/ ATC
– Surface transport
– Communication systems
– Security systems
– Fuel systems


– Construction management
– Programme management
– Procurement
– Cost management
– Logistics management
– Supply chain delivery management
– Skills transfer & training
– Health and Safety
– Quality management

Equipment Supply

– Airside navigational aids
– Aircraft maintenance equipment
– Airside lighting
– Airside vehicles
– Runway maintenance vehicles
– Fuel systems
– Fire protection equipment
– Security equipment including body scanners
– Baggage systems including security screening equipment
– Terminal furniture including airport seating
– Lounge design and bespoke furniture
– Retail concession design and bespoke furniture
– Car park rapid transit vehicles


– Air traffic control
– Airport management
– Operational strategy
– Operations management
– fuel infrastructure management
– ground services
– ORAT-operational readiness and transfer service to commission new airport infrastructure.
– Skills and training
– Retail concession management
– IT/ Airport systems management

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