Why choose DIT

This is a country at the forefront of the next generation of business, from AI to Clean and Sustainable Growth. Where you will find financial technology visionaries working hand-in-hand with Industry 4.0 pioneers.

Here in the UK you’ll find a nation poised to write the next chapter of innovation. You’ll find a nation unleashed to fulfil its potential. And you’ll find a nation that’s ready to trade with you.

The UK offers a robust, business-friendly environment to reliably expand, trade and invest.
Stability and security
A stable legal and regulatory environment in one of the world’s oldest democracies.
Transparency and simplicity
Transparent, flexible corporate law and governance that makes it easy to do business.
Diplomacy and influence
Well-established diplomatic influence around the world, built on the UK’s cultural and political strengths.

largest economy
top 10 universities
No. 1
rated for attracting global talent
new businesses started in 2017
largest stock exchange
employment rate

UK Regions

Discover the economic power of UK regions and their mix of industries that invite business, trade and investment from around the world.


Scotland is one of the UK’s top investment destinations, attracting more foreign investment than anywhere in the country outside of London.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is the world’s top destination for fintech development inward investment. The region also benefits from low-cost customer support services.

North of England

North England is home to world-leading design and manufacturing. It also produces 50% of UK nuclear projects and 30% of all renewable energy projects.


Welsh industry is diverse, including world-leading innovation in compound semiconductor technology, life sciences, energy and the environment.


The Midlands is a magnet for overseas investment, offering discounts for advanced manufacturing and automotive research.

South of England

South England is the UK’s top destination for overseas expansion, focusing on financial services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace and data.

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